How long will it take to repair my instrument?

A repair technician can provide you with an estimated repair time after examining your instrument. Basic maintenance can usually be completed within 1-2 weeks (longer during busy seasons). Repads and overhauls can take a month or more, depending on the volume of instruments in the repair shop. Every now and then, an instrument requires only minor adjustments that can be completed while you wait.

Can items be delivered to my child’s school?

Yes, as long as your child attends a school we service and school is in session (school delivery is only available September through mid-June). Items delivered to schools may take time to arrive because of school vacations/closings and other circumstances.

Why are your prices higher than some I see on the Internet?

Barcone’s prices are are very competitive. Our rental rates are among the lowest in the country. As an independent music dealer, we cannot always match sale prices offered by national chains, but we believe our service is superior. Also, keep in mind that with musical instruments, brand name makes a tremendous difference. We sell and rent only brands that have proven over time to be reliable and well-built, and all of our used instruments are worked on by professional repair technicians. When you do business with Barcone’s Music you are supporting your local economy.  We give back to the community through sponsoring music events, offering student scholarships, and supporting school music programs throughout the state.

Does Barcone’s Music Purchase Used Instruments?

The Instruments we are interested in buying from individuals typically fall into two categories: (1) student model instruments of the same brand that we currently use for rentals, and (2) professional model instruments that are in demand. If you have an instrument you wish to sell, it will need to be brought to the store for evaluation.

How Much Equity do I have to Purchase a New Instrument?

If you rent a band instrument from Barcone’s you receive one years rental towards the purchase of a new instrument.  New band instruments come with a year of free service from Barcone’s.  If you rent a string instrument from us you receive 100% of the first years rental, 60% of the second year, and 20% every year afterword toward the purchase of a new string instrument. For more details, check out our  Equity Program .