Q: Can I buy the instrument I am renting?

A: No, these instruments are strictly rental instruments and are not for sale. If you like, you may purchase one of our used instruments or use your 1 year equity towards the purchase of a new instrument.

Q: Is this a Rent-to-Own program?

A: No, our instruments are rented on a “rent-to-rent” basis. If you wish to purchase an instrument, you receive all of your first years rental towards a new instrument plus an additional discount. We feel this plan is the best and most affordable way for you to have use of a high quality musical instrument and be able to make a sensible and affordable purchase when the time comes to own an instrument. Keep in mind that the instruments we rent are Student instruments, designed for beginners. They are built stronger to be more durable, and have design features specifically included to make the instrument easier for a novice to get started. We feel it makes more sense to rent a student level instrument with an eye towards purchasing an intermediate or “step-up” instrument at a later date.

Q: What About Purchasing Online Auction Instruments?

A: In our opinion, purchasing a band or orchestra instrument from an auction site or a non-music store may seem to be a value at first, but if the instrument is of poor quality or in bad adjustment, your child may have difficulty playing the instrument, getting a good sound, playing in tune or keeping up with their classmates. We have found this to be especially true with brand new instruments offered at extraordinarily low prices. The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is especially fitting here. We have found that many such instruments, often referred to as “Instrument Shaped Objects” (ISO for short) are constructed of such poor materials that they are not able to be adjusted or repaired. Often the only solution is to discard the instrument and purchase a new one, like so many other disposable small appliances sold today.

We believe that if your child uses one of these, they may be more inclined to quit early because they are unable to produce a sound, play certain notes or keep up with their friends. For these reasons, many teachers do not allow these ISO’s into their programs, regardless of the cost paid to purchase. The result is not only a loss of your dollars invested, but also a loss of a promising educational opportunity for your child.

It is our opinion that our rentals, even though most are used instruments, are of a superior quality than many cut rate “ISO” instruments now available. We believe that our instruments will offer a superior experience for your child and help them move forward in music and in their education in general. We believe they will be easier to play, have a better tone and be better in tune. We know that they can be repaired or adjusted. If in doubt about whether a particular instrument might be an ISO, please consult your child’s band director or give us a call. We’ll be honest—many instruments available online and elsewhere are perfectly fine. Since our focus is to help your child succeed, we will help you make the right choice even if it results in your deciding not to rent with us.

This statement represents our professional opinion on this matter and is not intended to be represented as fact. We strongly encourage you to consult with a qualified music teacher or professional musician if you are in doubt as to the quality or usefulness of off-brand, auction site or department store instruments.


Q: What about Using a Relatives Old Instrument?

A: Some of us may have an old instrument a family member or friend used to play when they were younger. In many cases these instruments are perfectly acceptable for use in today’s school music programs. And in many cases, they are not. We are happy to give you a free assessment of your old instrument and tell you if it is suitable. In many cases old instruments can be used “as-is” with little more than some cleaning you can do at home. In many cases some work may need to be performed to bring the instrument up to snuff, such as freeing stuck slides or replacing the pads. If we feel the repair work will cost more than the instrument is worth, we will tell you. Here at Barcone’s your child’s success is our top priority.


Q: How Do I Return My Instrument?

A: If you are currently renting an instrument and wish to end the rental agreement, you must call Barcone’s Music at (845)331-6089.  Please have your account number available.  When you call we will be happy to give you return instructions. It may be possible to return your rental to your local school, but only after contacting Barcone’s and making arrangements to do so.  As stated in the rental agreement, rental fees will continue to be charged until the instrument makes it back to the store, and it is your responsibility (as the renter) to make sure the instrument is returned. Instruments can always be returned by visiting our facility at 528 Broadway in Kingston.  If you ship an instrument, it needs to be packed in a box for protection.